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Breathe Bracelet

Breathe Bracelet

  • Product Details

    Designed to be reminiscent of a wax stamp used to seal letters, the organically shaped BREATHE charm is nestled between turquoise acai beads.
    Fair-trade seeds of the acai berry are drilled by hand and dyed in small batches using the natural, unique colors from plant life in the Amazon.
    Brought to you in partnership with a wonderful organization that teaches and inspires self care and healing. Here is what they say about this bracelet: "The BREATHE charm is a call to take a deep breathe (or 3!) when stressful feelings start. Deep breathing oxygenates blood causing our brain to release endorphins, which in turn helps reduce stress in the body (and can even help reduce pain.)"
    • 7" in diameter
    • 2/3" recycled pewter wax stamp
    • Handcrafted in the US
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