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Complimentary, recycled,
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Our Promise

A few simple rules we promise to stick by when it comes to the jewelry we carry and the Eco Lustre website:

It’s eco-friendly. The artisans we carry are all eco-friendly in many ways, from using recycled materials to maintaining sustainable business practices. As recycled and environmentally friendly jewelry-making resources become more accessible, our criteria for selecting artisans will become more stringent. And Eco Lustre abides by the same principles: we use recycled packaging to bring our products to you, and sustainable materials in day-to-day operations.

It’s handcrafted in the US. All jewelry we carry is handcrafted by the US-based artisans. We are big supporters of the amazing creativity of small artisans, and want to help bring their creations to national audiences.

It’s hand-selected. All jewelry on the Eco Lustre website is hand-picked by us. Two fashion-conscious women with great taste and a good eye. No corporations, no decisions by a committee. We do listen to our customers, so it’s not just our personal taste, but your taste too, that’s incorporated into our selection.

It’s carefully edited. No massive catalogs to dig through. We’re adding new pieces all the time, but selectivity remains the guiding principle.

It’s well priced. We believe that beautiful jewelry of excellent quality doesn’t have to break the bank. Our pieces are under $200, and many are below $100. If we go above for those few extra special gems, we’ll be sure to explain what makes them worth the investment.

It’s 24/7. Rather obvious, but we’ll say it anyway: our store is always open. You can shop in your pj’s and fuzzy slippers at midnight. Save your choices to your wish list, and share your Mother’s Day gift ideas with your sister. Email us your question – color of the stone, thickness of the earring, best gift for your friend’s wedding shower – and get a response in the morning. It’s the kind of convenience and personal attention we know you’ll appreciate.

Our Guarantee

Unconditional, of course. Return anything for any reason. The only question we ask is, what can we do to make it better?