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Complimentary, recycled,
and very pretty

About Us


a place filled with the expertly edited selection of elegant jewelry that’s:

   • environmentally friendly
   • beautifully handmade
   • affordably priced
   • crafted by skilled artisans in the United States

Our History (the short version)

We (the founders and masterminds behind Eco Lustre) are sisters, friends and now business partners.  Eco Lustre came to be because we wanted a place to shop for cute, cool, elegant jewelry that's affordable and environmentally friendly. When we didn't find a single source that had it all, we decided to create one ourselves. And because we have fashion and jewelry merchandising background and two people's worth of great taste, it was a natural fit.

Our History (the long version) is a much more satisfying, though, admittedly, a much lengthier read. We recommend it, if only to see more current photos of us, but then we're a little biased.


Any questions or comments, please let us know.  We can be reached at or