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eco lustre, nice to meet you!
Natalia for bio background 2.jpg

Natalia Tisdale

Co-Founder & Chief X* Officer

*insert the latest challenge to be solved

luda for bio 4 background.jpg

Luda Samuels

Co-Founder & Chief Curator

the mastermind behind the product line

Our History. We (the founders and Chief Everything Officers) are sisters, friends and now business partners. Eco Lustre came to be when we were shopping for a Mother's Day gift a few years back. We were set on jewelry, a time-tested classic present. Temporal and geographic challenges made getting together for a shopping expedition impossible. We needed a website with cute, cool, elegant, well-priced jewelry. Plus, sustainability and craftsmanship are a big deal to all of us, so it had to be eco-friendly and handmade. Guess what? Easier said than done! And before you say that Amazon has everything, try searching for "eco-friendly jewelry" on Amazon and see the result... So when, to our surprise, we didn't find a single source that had it all, and didn't take hours and a degree in forensic science to weed through, we decided to create one ourselves! 


The Joy of Eco Lustre. We love collaborating (we've had a lifetime of practice, so it's a natural fit). Another favorite is discovering new designers whose sustainability mission aligns with ours. Finding that special gorgeous piece that makes our hearts beat faster and learning that it's made with recycled metal is up there as well. And while mom has a lifetime supply of jewelry by now, having Eco Lustre as a multi-occasion reliable gift source is another well-appreciated perk.

eco sisters, jr version
         way back when            
eco sisters modeling glass jewelry-001.jpg
 outtake from a photoshoot 
little eco sisters
            way WAY back                
gen next.jpg
 gen next
 model & jr designer  
eco mom
our mom 
eco sisters outtake
   one of us is camera shy   
eco kids
 all kiddos
 guess who is whose!      
green awards
 receiving green award
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