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Our History

Both then Natalia now Luda now
THEN NOW: Natalia (with Sean) Luda (with Jason & Jillian)

First it was us

We met when the younger one of us showed up and ruined the older one’s peaceful existence, and have been first sisters and then friends ever since.

When we were growing up, we were considered very different: one was serious, the other cute and funny; one – an introvert, the other - a social butterfly. While we didn’t have much of a chance to show off our style in the Soviet Russia, which is where we spent our formative years (remember Wendy’s commercials, “evening vear” – not as far removed from the real thing as one may think), that all changed when we immigrated. Predictably, the introvert went classic and conservative, the butterfly personified fashionista before the term was ever coined. We chose different careers – fashion for the butterfly, corporate marketing for the introvert, and had different office attire to match the choices.

But as we grew older, we were discovering more and more similarities. Our work styles may have been different, but our tastes were converging. And, thankfully, the butterfly had the wardrobe to match her fashionista calling, and enough play clothes to make borrowing a fun afternoon of “shopping”.

Our lifestyles were converging too. Husbands, kids and mortgages, friends with husbands, kids and mortgages, entrepreneurial pursuits and a move away from the corporate world - all are great equalizers. We turned out to be much more alike than we ever expected – neatness freaks (ever seen a woman pick up toys after a 4 year old knowing full well how futile it is, yet unable to help herself? Yah!), foodies, theater lovers, and, yes, surprisingly similar in our fashion tastes too.

And, only sometimes surprisingly, and perhaps only to one of us, frequently complimented and admired for those tastes and fashion choices.

Then came Eco Lustre

This is where the seed of Eco Lustre was first planted, this notion of (not to pat ourselves on the back too much, but allow us this one indulgence) the fact that we do have excellent tastes, and that at least some of the world would appreciate us sharing.

The remaining concept for the site came together as a culmination of both our professional and personal passions and talents.

Jewelry was a natural choice both because of professional experience and because we were hard-pressed to find a place to shop that offered what we (and let’s face it, most of the world) consider important: selection, quality, value and convenience. All much maligned terms, but that’s precisely what we were looking for: pretty, well-made, interesting pieces, a well-edited tasteful selection, at prices that didn’t break the piggy bank. And while we both know cute little jewelry boutiques in our respective neighborhoods, they aren’t of much use when the only time we have to shop these days is midnight. And forget about collaborating on a purchase. Our mom got a (lovely, but nevertheless somewhat impersonal) bouquet of flowers this Mother’s Day because we just could not find the time to get together to shop at a place we liked.

And then there was our growing need to be not just environmentally conscious, but environmentally proactive, our respect for all things made by hand by those who know their craft, and our desire to support local businesses. All wonderful concepts, and all, some with more ease than others, translatable into jewelry.

And, voila! – presenting Eco Lustre, the brain child of the butterfly and the introvert, fashion mavens, defenders of the environment, supporters of wonderfully talented US artisans, your guides to the elegant jewelry reinvented for those who are like-minded (or just love pretty things).

Take a look at our promise. And drop us a line – we’d love to know your ideas for products, style, life, anything you want to share. And, of course, if any problems arise, hopefully infrequently, please do share those too, and we’ll do our best to keep Eco Lustre the place you turn to when you want to find a present for your mom at midnight, or anyone, including yourself, at any time.

Happy shopping!

Luda Samuels (aka, “the butterfly”)

Natalia Tisdale (aka, “the introvert”)