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Celebrating American Craftsmanship: Eco Lustre Jewelry Artisans

Join us in celebrating American craftsmanship, our everyday tribute! Creativity and dedication of the artisans who design and craft Eco Lustre jewelry is what forms the cornerstone of our collection. All work in the United States, approach jewelry as a work of art, and create unique but wearable pieces that celebrate the woman who wears them. All handcraft their pieces with exceptional skill and dedication to their craft.

While some are inspired by nature, others find inspiration in history, beauty of everyday objects, family. Regardless of their muse, all are deeply respectful of the natural resources and strive to preserve them by utilizing eco-friendly practices: using sustainable or recycled materials (most use primarily recycled metals), recycling scrap metals, and running their workshops with eco-conscious principles.

Clicking on the links below will take you to a page devoted to each artisan, where you can find out a little about their individual style and view their jewelry. We'll be adding interviews and more profiles for additional insight.

Amy Pfaffman

Carrie Saxl

Daphne Olive


Jenny Gaynor Glass

Mark Poulin



Satomi Studio

Silver Spoon

Susan Fleming